Fuse Low-Code Development

Do you have legacy applications that you just can’t seem to replace? All of our customers do. Every company we’ve engaged with has either legacy applications built on COBOL, Cold Fusion, Delphi, or maybe even something modern, but it’s missing critical features like a security model, or MFA.

Fuse Low-Code Development Features

Our platform and development services are one of a kind. Fuse has all the critical components and capabilities that are needed to build or enhance enterprise applications. In a matter of a few weeks (or months), we can have an MVP of your application created and in production.

I’m sure an internal team can build the application, but what happens when they leave? Or they switch roles and it’s no longer their responsibility? I’m sure other vendors can build it, but at what cost? This is what we do.

Application Modernization

We analyze your existing application, either code, screenshots, or whatever is available. We interview your users, and take down their wishlist, and then we build, delivering an MVP in as little as 6 weeks.

Application Enhancement

If there are applications that you currently have, either modern/SaaS, legacy, or home grown, we can review, and give a recommendation on what parts of our platform can be used to resolve the issues.

Digitization of Processes

We will interview your people, and understand their day-to-day job. Using our expertise and platform we will create an application maturity strategy, to first get your paper process into a simple web based application.

Streamlining Operations

Is your business missing an operational system or process? Can you not find something on the market that fits your need? Let us help you, we will design and build the perfect solution, and provide support for as long as you need us.

How Fuse Low-Code Development Works

Data Model

We begin the process by designing and creating a data model to support the application requirements. This is the creation of the entities, and their relationships. Our code generating tech then expedites the creation of database objects, the tables and fields that store data.

Automated Business
And Data Layers

Once the data model is created, it goes fairly fast from here. We have templates available to automatically create the stored procedures and expected business rules as well as automated creation of the APIs with common functions, which can be further tailored later in the process.

User Interface

Our templates extend ever further than just the back end, we have standard grids, tables, and all other core components readily available. All database objects have at least two views provided, a list view, and a detailed view, which can include in-line data entry options.


Not to forget that you can leverage all of the platform capabilities to further enhance and integrate your application! Global Search, Logging, Auditing, Multi-factor authentication, along with all those deep and wide security features of the platform! Your app instantaneously inherits the personas, security settings, design, and other configurations that you already have setup in your eTag Fuse Platform.


All of our components are customizable, and if you’d like to, our UI/UX experts can design the application from the ground up, we can use our frameworks, and component libraries to expedite the design and creation of your vision. Why buy something that fits 75% of your needs and is forced to work for you, when we can cover everything, with a solution designed specifically for your business.