Fuse Process Hub

Convert complex processes into simple automations. Use our designer and vast number of connectors to integrate just about anything, whether it is on-premises, in-cloud, or SaaS based; translate data and send information between systems and devices.

Fuse Process Hub Features

We do things a little bit differently, everything starts with a framework and capabilities. Use our connector framework and integration engine to connect systems, devices, data sources, API’s, and IoT to perform repeatable workflows.

Expose defined workflows to portal users while keeping security context during execution. For example, create a new button on an application to send an alert to a customer, if the user shouldn’t be allowed to send alerts to customers, then it will not be available.

EDI File Translation

Receive EDI files, regardless of the format, parse it, pull meaningful information from it, create an EDI file, and send data back to the device that created it to execute commands.

TCP/IP and Serial Device Connectivity

Concepts like Automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) is possible

Bi-directional IoT device communication

Electromechanical device integration is possible through the collection of data from IoT devices, translation of those messages into structured formats, creation of messages, and sending them to the next device on the network using a workflow.

Extract, Transform and Load of Data

Receive, transform and send information and files between systems, devices and networks.

Bulk File Parsing, Creation and Movement

Create workflows to connect to file stores and move files and data (Blob, FTP, and other file formats).

API Connectivity and Management

Use our comprehensive frameworks to connect to just about anything. Create complex workflows for application, device or data integration.

How Fuse Process Hub Works

Web Based Designer

The Fuse process automation designer is a powerful tool that allows users to easily create automation for complex business processes. It offers a web-based interface that is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Drag and Drop Components

As a seasoned developer or new user to automation, the Fuse process automation designer enables visual design and mapping out of process flows. The designer includes a range of features and functionality and allows dragging and dropping of components to build their automations in a lego-like format.

Vast Amount of Connectors

Fuse process automation includes a collection of essential components that allow users to easily connect to a wide variety of external systems and services, including databases, cloud services, IoT, and other business applications. In addition to these pre-built, our development framework allows us to quickly create custom components if one does not exist.

Scheduling, Polling and On-Demand Workflows

Fuse process automation offers a range of options for executing processes. They can be configured to execute on a fixed schedule, such as daily, weekly, or monthly, set up to poll at a specific frequency, triggered by event occurrence, or manually executed for on demand needs.

Security Context for Processes

Fuse process automation offers essential security features that help to protect processes and ensure that they are only accessed by authorized users. These features include context-based access controls, which allow users to only access processes and resources within their defined roles and permissions. This ensures that users can only execute processes that they are authorized to use, helping to prevent unauthorized access.