Managed services

Deliver The Right Solution Every Time

We partner with you to tailor our products to fit your exact needs. As opposed to trying to find something off the shelf to fit 75-80% of your needs, meet 100% by using our implementation services. We spend time with you to understand your business and perfect your solutions over time, no two engagements are ever exactly the same, and we get that.


We lead program design, configuration, and co-create a strategy to develop a program highly tailored to the Customer’s specific needs. Ideal for:

  • Large or complex applications that need to be replaced or enhanced
  • Home brewed systems that need to be updated or replaced
  • Large or complex processes that need to be automated
  • Integration of several applications (10-500+)
  • Cloud migration projects, involving evaluations of code, modernization, or functionality replication

Partnering to Accelerate Value Creation

Unlike other businesses that can take 12+ months to deliver a complete solution, we use our software eTag Fuse as the baseline application to deliver in weeks to months. Coupled with our vast experience in the digital integration space, we’ve created a methodology to deliver more, faster. We typically start engagements with customers with the following challenges:

Improving Productivity

Employees typically spend about 1.5-2 hours a day searching for the information that they need to do their job. That’s a man week a month of lost time! Whether that's due to not knowing what system to go to, not having the right level of access in the system that has the information, or something as simple as a notification that was missed, and more. We help businesses recoup those losses by centralizing data and search, and personalizing delivery of information.

Reducing The Cost of Operations

Application sprawl at any company is a big challenge, a report by Zylo found that companies with over 10,000 employees onboard 12 new SaaS applications a month. We help battle this challenge by being THE system that grants access to everything, whether on-premise or in-cloud we can connect to applications, IoT Devices, or anything forcing shadow IT into a centralized model for application access. Our software tracks usage across your entire digital landscape, to ensure to the click level, what is being used, and by whom. We allow companies to onboard and offboard applications and people faster.

Build vs Buy

An organization’s expertise is generally not developing B2B software solutions, so why use valuable resources or hire new people to architect something that a vendor could do instead? Many executives and budget holders make the mistake of treating new initiatives as one-off business process projects, when it’s going to be an ongoing initiative. Our biggest competitors are internal teams. With a combination of our vast experience and frameworks for delivery of applications, we can create enterprise applications together, and we will support them for you long-term, ensuring there is never a time that it becomes outdated.

The Process


Partner to understand the program, document requirements and success criteria, and jointly agree on a project plan. eTag and Customer Teams may agree to accelerated timelines on a case-by-case basis.

eTag Responsibilities

  • Deliver Pre-Implementation Packet Materials
  • Assign eTag Team
  • Perform Initial Project Review
  • Customer Introduction
  • Executive Workshops and Project Requirements
  • Develop Design and Project Plan

Customer Responsibilities

  • Assign Customer Team
  • Review IT Playbook and Complete Checklist
  • Coordinate Participation in the Workshop
  • Review and Approve Project Requirements
  • Review and Approve Timeline
  • Provide Security Access


Finalize all configurable elements of the program to design the  security model for the organization (e.g. applications, IdPs, branding, data integrations, User Access Roles).

eTag Responsibilities

  • Design Persona Specifications
  • UX Hub and Reporting Workshops
  • Weekly Showcase
  • Design Checkpoint

Customer Responsibilities

  • Review and Approve Persona Specifications
  • Deliver Perona Resources and Processes
  • Users, Applications and IdPs Scheduled Interviews
  • Designs


Make configuration updates and MVP of the security model, personas, reporting, and data integrations as applicable.

eTag Responsibilities

  • Configure Prototype
  • Conduct Prototype Review Workshop

Customer Responsibilities

  • Review and Approve Prototype


Conduct QA testing, UAT and secure the system in preparation for production launch.

eTag Responsibilities

  • Conduct QA
  • Provide System Demo
  • Support UAT
  • Training Support

Customer Responsibilities

  • Finalize User Training
  • Provide Production System Access
  • Conduct UAT


Launch configured instance and transition support to ongoing MS.

eTag Responsibilities

  • Program Launch
  • Adoption Monitoring

Customer Responsibilities

  • Training and Rollout
  • Launch Support

Managed Services

Managed Services (MS) comprises administrative services and a set number of solution advisory services.

Solution Advisory Services

Hours used to guide the customer to increase adoption, self-service, and promotion of the solutions we build you via scheduled program and business reviews, as well as success metric creation, including prioritization of roadmap and additional features needed (i.e. roughly monthly service time allocation).

Administrative Services

Subscription (yearly minimum) or ad-hoc based hours that are used for solution maintenance, the more custom the solution, the more hours needed. There are different support tiers depending on customer needs, and whether we or the customer are hosting the solution, among other needs.

Requesting Configuration Changes

Customer program administrators may request configuration changes via the customer support portal or via email, upon receipt and evaluation, your customer success manager (CSM) will get back to you with options.

Escalation and Resolution

Change requests that fall outside the scope of basic, predefined configuration changes will be escalated to the eTag CSM. The CSM will work directly with the Customer Team to determine a course of action for the requested change.