The solution that integrates your diverse systems into a cohesive, efficient whole

eTag Fuse® is a multi-domain integration platform designed to simplify and streamline complex system integrations.

Whether you need to integrate applications, AI, devices, data sources, or more, eTag Fuse® serves as the glue that binds your diverse systems into a cohesive, efficient whole.

The Ultimate Multi-Domain Integration Platform

Our integration platform, Fuse® enables seamless interoperability between different types of integrations, simplifying the delivery of complex integrated solutions and supporting the incorporation of advanced capabilities into enterprise operations.

Integration - with existing applications and tools

The Fuse® Hub provides integration for applications and their interfaces to create a homogeneous experience to work in. These integrations simplify how users engage, creating a more efficient work environment.

Identity Management

Centralized administration gives the business and IT a better way to manage access. For users, they sign-in once to get access to the resources they need to do their job. This goes far in saving time and increasing productivity in the organization.


Admins or users can configure the applications and tools they see the moment that they login, allowing them to access the exact content they need to do their job. Users can easily move between workspaces that can be setup for the different tasks they do on a daily basis.


After a user is logged in, their assigned role will grant them access and Fuse® will distribute context to all applications across your digital enterprise. Administrators can set up Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), security policies, along with many different layers of auditing and logging depending on your organization's needs.

How eTag Fuse® Works

Everything You
Need In One Place

As a user of eTag Fuse® you have access to all the web applications and resources you need to do your job from one place. It saves you time and effort by eliminating the need to log in to multiple accounts or switch between different applications and tabs, making it easier to manage your work and stay organized.

Personalized View
Of Your World

Fuse offers personalization of workspaces and navigations, which can be tailored to your specific needs. With Fuse, you can quickly find and access the tools and information you need to get your work done.

Virtual Desktop Or
Web-Like Experience

We allow the User Experience (UX) to be tailored as much or as little as needed. A virtual desktop-like experience allows you to multi-task and quickly switch between different resources. A traditional web experience makes it easier to focus on one task at a time.

Find Things You
Need To Do Your Job

Search through all of your applications, use features like favorites, recently accessed, shortcuts, and recommendations, to quickly find and access the resources you need to do your job. Save unnecessary time and effort spent searching apps, share drives, and other resources.

Collaborate With
Your Team

Use reactions, ratings, recommendations, conversation channels, and achievements, to encourage your peers to use Fuse and to promote learning, productivity, and overall engagement.