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Recreate Functionality with modern security and non-functional requirements


Decrease the odds of scheduling being done improperly

Allow Bi-directional Synchronization

Allow for bi-directional database synchronization across all bases

Actions Taken

Understand The Use Of The Application

Held executive level meetings first to understand what the application was used for and how it affected base operations. Then met with the users of the application to understand how it worked and where there might have been gaps previously.

Applied our Low-code capabilities

We were given screenshots of the application, and in those meetings with the users we started to take down details of how the different screens worked. This allowed us to have a baseline understanding of how to use our low code capabilities to re-create this application, and enhance it.

Built in modern Abilities

Created integrations into all of the different systems, file shares, and databases, creating a data and security model. We built in modern capabilities like the ability to use certificates on CAC cards as a form of MFA.

Rapidly prototypes solutions

Rapidly prototyped solutions to show that the eTag Fuse Platform could connect to all the different devices and federate access to data and systems properly for everything required to get the scheduling jobs done.

continued to build on the model

Continued to build on the model to account for outlier regulations, and compliances that needed to be met.


Created a brand new application

with the same look and feel of the old one, using modern browser based technology, including non-functional requirements such as MFA, alerting, tracking, notifications, etc.

Allowed flexibility within the team

to rapidly deploy new capabilities and add several layers of security, auditing, and logging to meet strict government regulations. Gave the team back capabilities that they didn’t have in over 5 years since the decommission of the scheduling tool.

Program Manager

Program Manager, AETC

“Fuse is able to do so much more than we ever imagined. I wish we were able to use it for all the other projects going on right now! The use of Fuse is going to be a strategic differentiator for us going forward and will bring us to a stable and modern state of operations.”

5/5 Stars