Integration Made Simple.
Technologies and strategies to

processes, systems, devices, and people

Harness the power of an
integrated solution.

eTag Technologies provides solutions that focus on improving business processes by integrating systems, data, or the IoT (Internet of Things). We have derived optimized approaches and tools that deliver solutions to recurring problems quickly, easily, and reliably.

Ultimately, we help our customers improve efficiencies, gain competitive advantage, and effectively utilize valuable information assets to drive revenue and achieve their bottom-line objectives.

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Integrated Solutions

Increase efficiency and productivity while reducing IT complexity and costs,
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Technology integration is
not just a product solution
but a service solution.

A strategic integration model combines various approaches, best practices, techniques, technologies and methodologies to help solves today’s integration problems. eTag Technologies has invested extensive research and development into its technology so an optimal integration solution can be implemented quickly and easily.

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Get responsive professional service,
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Take advantage of
innovative technology.

The eTag Fuse™ platform facilitates interoperability with systems, data, or the IoT (Internet of Things). This extensible and scalable platform enables the rapid development complex integrated solutions that modernize your business.

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Take advantage of innovative technology,
contact us by email or call us at (201) 984-3113.


Integration solutions to take control.

We have developed enterprise solutions which can be customized for your industry and operations. We combine our proven technologies with experienced professionals who know how to effectively apply the solution to ensure you achieve proper results.

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