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You're the expert in your environment. Let eTag work with your team to ensure your solution is right from the start. Our deep IT expertise, coupled with a proven implementation methodology, allows us to quickly identify your unique needs and configure the eTag Fuse™ platform to start delivering—and multiplying—value immediately. Services include initial implementation, integration with existing systems, and tailored deployments to meet your team's specific needs.

When a deployment is executed well, right from the beginning, it establishes a strong foundation for continuous improvement, innovation, and ROI. Our deployment experts help you set the stage for success with expert deployment, customization, and integration. We work together with your team to configure and integrate your digital assets with the platform seamlessly to maximize value.



We leverage our pre-existing libraries, frameworks, reports, forms, and functionality to greatly reduce upfront costs. Since the solution is delivered on our eTag Fuse™ platform, it is inherently designed to accommodate future needs so it stays current with your business and the latest technologies.

We do it differently

With eTag Technologies, you get responsive, professional service. We know your digital transformation involves strategy, therefore it is essential for us to assimilate with your team to understand why and what the objectives are. We go further by learning your culture to discover how that may impact the solution. The goal is to determine the optimal approach for each unique situation and we do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Features & Benefits

Unparalleled commitment to client satisfaction

Cost effective & faster time-to-market

Broad range of technical expertise

Ongoing support and maintenance

Integration with legacy or other systems

Better UX and application performance

Minimal impact on staff training

Extensible and scalable solutions

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