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There is a radical shift occurring – beyond just resources or planning or the enterprise and into a wider ecosystem. There is an emergence of a postmodern ERP. It is evolving into a necessary foundation that supports changing methods of delivering enterprise business capabilities.

To deliver on digital transformation, your organization needs applications that can be assembled, reassembled and extended. This will allow you to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of your business. eTag Fuse® enables and accelerates transformation initiatives by providing key technological capabilities. Its combined features and functionality create a digital ecosystem that enables business agility -- so when market variables change and technology advances, your business is ready.

The platform provides a framework of essential technologies to create the fabric that "glues" your systems together. Build a portfolio of capabilities by incorporating custom or off-the-shelf applications into Fuse. Then, leverage augmenting features of the platform to enhance your application. Use the portfolio to compose new applications by combining the capabilities together for a single, personalized experience for each persona in your workforce.

  • Modularity - assemble of technology agnostic business capabilties.
  • Orchestration - compose applications, apply augmented features, and control access.
  • Autonomy - transform processes from manual to automatic.
  • Discovery - democratize your applications and information.

Where new digital needs have emerged, eTag Fuse® simply provides an effective approach to support your digital transformation journey. It is ideal for business leaders seeking a holistic and strategic approach to organize, manage, and deliver their applications and information.


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