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Integration and agility driven by innovation.

The eTag Fuse™ platform facilitates interoperability with systems, data, or the IoT (Internet of Things). This extensible and scalable platform enables the rapid development of complex integrated solutions that modernize your business.

Today's growing demand for shared information, processes, and functionality combined with the need for enterprises to stay agile serves as a basis for why we created our technologies. Our approach is centered on increasing development productivity, optimizing performance, and eliminating repetitive tasks so you are provided with a quality solution -- fast.



The eTag Fuse™ platform is architected from the ground up to address all domains of integration. The platform delivers the capabilities to integrate at each domain while dramatically reducing implementation efforts. The result, reduced cost and a much quicker delivery of a reliable solution.

It is designed with an open architecture so developers may provide new or expanded functionality or leverage existing functionality such as the platform’s security, UX, and ESB engines.

The platform provides “any-to-any” capabilities for interoperability, interconnectivity, data transformation, scheduling, automation, and work flow between any number of disparate devices, data sources, systems, or IoT (Internet of Things). It essentially manages all the processes including the flow of information between integrated systems.

Integration Domains

User Interface Integration  UI
Technology that unifies disparate application user interfaces.

Integrating applications on the user interface level means reusing existing user interfaces or parts thereof and coupling them in a way that a user can interact with those interfaces as if they were a single application. eTag Fuse™ offers the ability to unify discrete web applications into a multitasking web based environment. It is built with a comprehensive security model that can integrate with Active Directory and provide very granular control. Its federated architecture can also allow for information sharing between disparate applications at the UI level.

Business Logic Integration  Business Logic
Technology that integrates systems or applications via services or API’s.

Tying into other systems or applications for sharing information is a common and often essential requirement for any solution. With the eTag Fuse™ platform, we can quickly establish a common ground for exchanging information. Whether it’s a service or API, interconnectivity is enabled for collaboration across disparate systems or applications to solve challenging integration problems.

Device Integration  Device
Technology that enables interoperability with equipment, machinery, or any other IoT devices.

eTag Fuse™ enables interoperability with devices by sending commands and receiving messages. This capability may be configured to connect over a variety of protocols. Operations may be scheduled or triggered by other events for nearly limitless automation. Because each domain of integration is coupled by eTag Fuse™, a web based user interface can also interact directly with devices.

Data Source Integration  Data Source
Technology to drive integration with virtually any data source.

The eTag Fuse™ platform enables connectivity, translation, and manipulation capabilities for your solution’s data sources. Whether a database or file, operations may be defined to utilize their data in a meaningful way.


Features & Benefits


Integration at the UI level simplifies accessibility to the information users' need, when they need it.


Development is focused on the business needs by leveraging the platform's "non-functional" requirements.


Customize business logic to perform scheduled or event triggered operations, transformations, and workflows.


Create ETL processes, parse files, and transform data.

UI screens enable interactive data management.


Organize, unify, and manage your web applications.

Perform analytics on any activity that occurs.


Interconnectivity can be established with virtually any system, data source, or IoT device via a variety of protocols.


Extensive research and development to provide optimal performance for web based solutions.


Adapt to a changing environment by interoperating with new systems, data sources, or devices as your business evolves.


Linked communication with other eTag Fuse™ implementations allows for expansion and large scale growth.


Common Integrations

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

Applying a method of automatic data capture may offer your organization the ability to automate a process or processes that can increase productivity and ensure accuracy. Free up employees to focus on other areas that make a difference for the bottom line.


Organizations are often challenged with unique requirements when designing and deploying an RFID solution. We can help! With a focus on open, standards-based RFID readers, we have developed intelligent software to capture RFID data.

Barcode / QR Code Scanning

There are many ways barcodes may be used to improve profitability and efficiency within an organization. Whether it be tracking progress, managing inventory, or collecting form data, we have developed a barcode and QR code technology to enable scanning, generation, or printing.

Data Files

The exchange of information via data files is a common practice across many organizations. Whether internal or with a partner, the ability to import, export, push, pull, or parse data files may be a critical process.

Some of the file tasking capabilities include:


Moving files between systems, departments, or external partners is routine in many organizations. We can deliver this functionality in a solution for you! Often this functionality is combined with other technologies to provide a complete end-to-end process.


If your business requires or is capable of sending or receiving EDI message, we have the technology. We have created a translation engine that enables EDI files to be ingested or generated for almost any format type. We support a number of common formats and our technology allows for customizing to support almost any format.


The demands of Integrating with other systems or partners may require information to be sent via XML format to or from a host system. Our XML integration technology translates XML formatted data for push or pull implementations.

Flat File

Fixed or delimited text files such as CSV or XLS may be part of existing process in your organization. Whether its legacy or not, our flat file parsing capabilities can ingest, generate or transform files as part of your solution.

Database Integration

One of the most common integrations is into a database such as MS SQL or Oracle. Whether it be a data warehouse, system, or another application, we have connectors that enable interoperability. Data can be moved or manipulated between disparate data sources.


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