Technology Integration is not just a product solution but a Service Solution.

Can your organization orchestrate a solution without outside help?


A strategic integration model combines various approaches, best practices, techniques, technologies and methodologies to help solves today’s integration problems. eTag Technologies has invested extensive research and development into its technology so an optimal integration solution can be implemented quickly and easily.


Get responsive professional service.


Solution Delivery Services

Our technologies enable us to focus on the functional requirements, ensuring that the business needs are covered and fulfilled by the solution.

Discovery and Business Analysis

We engage with key stakeholders to discover and fully understand the problems, challenges, impact, and goals of the business.

Solution Architecture and Design

Here we go above and beyond doing just what's required. We perform a thorough evaluation and analysis of the information gathered during the discovery phase. We identify the unknowns and advise accordingly. Your solution is then architected and designed to satisfy the business requirements and allow for scaling and adaptation as your business evolves.


In this phase, we execute on the implementation of the design to deliver a successful solution. This includes QA and UAT testing prior to the project go-live in your production environment.


Solution Enhancements and Modifications

We understand your business needs to adopt improved processes to increase its efficiency and productivity or to keep ahead of the competition.

Business Needs and Processes Change.

Our solution enhancement team is equipped to listen and develop a plan.

The process to perform enhancements and modifications follows that of our solution delivery services. Key stakeholders are engaged to identify the specific needs or changes to business processes. A plan is generated and executed to keep your solution in sync with your evolving business.


Maintenance and Support

Our goal is not only to be there to help in times of need, but to keep your solution current and provide you with enhanced functionality and features that enable your business to evolve.


We recognize your business relies on the tools it uses to operate and we take customer support very seriously. To ensure you maintain business continuity with your solution, we offer support services to be there when issues arise.


We are continuously working to improve both performance and functionality with our technology and platform. This includes incorporating customer requests and keeping up with advancements in the underlying technologies we use. With our support and maintenance services, you receive these enhancements when they are released.


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