eTag Technologies provides solutions that focus on improving business processes by integrating systems, data, or the IoT (Internet of Things). We have derived optimized approaches and tools that deliver solutions to recurring problems quickly, easily, and reliably.

Ultimately, we help our customers improve efficiencies, gain competitive advantage, and effectively utilize valuable information assets to drive revenue and achieve their bottom-line objectives.

To create technologies that easily and efficiently integrate, unify, or augment disparate processes, systems, and the IoT.


Our technologies enable innovative EI (enterprise integration) solutions for organizations planning, modernizing, consolidating and coordinating efforts to proactively manage their critical enterprise computer systems.

We are an experienced team is dedicated and passionate about creating products and technologies that make integration effective and simple. Our combined strengths and expertise in enterprise integration, product development, custom software, engineering, network architecture, business process, project management, and IT services make us the necessary choice for your integration solution.


If you are ready to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing IT complexity and costs,
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