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The eTag Fuse™ platform facilitates both integration and interoperability between systems, devices, and things (IoT). This extensibility offers major possibilities for your applications. Whether it's giving users the ability to execute an action for a manufacturing process or interact directly with a device to collect data, the technology exists to quickly deliver the feature.

Integration of Things

Features & Benefits

Reduce environment complexity

Enable connectivity and interoperability

Increase compatibility between technologies

Increase the longevity of legacy systems

Improve the speed of data exchange

Improve data accuracy

Coordinated data sharing between partners

Foster business agility

Use Cases

Empower your workforce with the digital resources they need to get their job done.
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Be in control and gain a clear understanding of your digital inventory.
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Facilitate integration and interoperability between systems, devices, and IoT.
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Streamline your business processes and eliminate repetitive tasks.
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