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A forward-thinking approach to application management.

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Managed Business Capabilties

The proliferation of application over the last decade has led to an increasing reliance on application management, maintenance, and optimization. Having a clear understanding of your digital inventory can be very advantageous. It can equate to a BIG cost savings by reducing functionality overlap, repetitive coding, and unused licensing expenses. Knowing they are being delivered securely and effectively utilized, gives you piece of mind.

Application Composition Platform

Application governance and strategy helps establish basic disciplines to successfully run an organization and its portfolio of applications. eTag Fuse® offers governance for your application portfolio. It enables business leaders, not just IT to understand and control the enterprise digital assets for the workforce. By deploying eTag Fuse®, your organization can strategically determine which applications are proving their business value. There is visibility into utilization and can eliminate those that do not meet the business’ needs or strategic business goals.

Fuse gives you formal management over your applications in the form of security, integration, compliance, availability, roles and responsibilities, and application metadata. By using the platform to organize your portfolio, you gain control what capabilities can be delivered. Your team can consistently develop or adopt new technologies to incorporate into your organization’s application portfolio. In this way, Fuse creates an application factory that fosters an agile approach to deliver innovation.

This is a forward-thinking approach to application management. It focuses on building an application inventory with the flexibility to adapt and scale to meet future business needs. As a result, it helps the business evaluate IT expenses to more effectively deploy their resources, allowing them to free up more of their IT budget to invest in new projects that will contribute to their companies' strategic goals and ensure that they are investing in modern, scalable technology.

Ultimately, you define the principals and processes to ensure the effective and efficient use of applications across your organization – enabling the organization to achieve its goals.


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