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Empowering the workforce with what they need to get their job done benefits the business. They are able to effectively utilize the digital assets when, where, or how they like resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. This ultimately drives revenue and helps you achieve your bottom-line objectives.

"When employee engagement increases, there is a corresponding increase in employee retention by up to 87%"
- Human Capital Institute

Digital Experience

Features & Benefits

All digital resources -- one place

Self-service dashboards and workspaces

Consistent UX across all resources

Multitasking environment

Persistence across active resources

Direct communication with resource owners

Enable on-demand learning and microlearning

Attract and retain talent

Engage and motivate the workforce

Appeal to a multi-generational workforce

User eXperience

eTag Fuse Workspace

eTag Fuse™ Workspace

eTag Fuse Workspace Creation

Creating a Workspace

eTag Fuse Embedded Windows


Empower your workforce with the digital resources they need to get their job done.
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Be in control and gain a clear understanding of your digital inventory.
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Facilitate integration and interoperability between systems, devices, and IoT.
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Streamline your business processes and eliminate repetitive tasks.
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