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Personalized User eXperience

The platform allows an organization to deliver web applications and other digital resources (such as reports or media) through a single pane of glass. It solves authentication challenges for internal and external users, tracks and audits user consumption for compliance requirements, and enables integrations for a seamless experience across disparate technologies.

Empowering the workforce with what they need to get their job done benefits the business. They are able to effectively utilize the digital assets when, where, or how they like resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. This ultimately drives revenue and helps you achieve your bottom-line objectives.

User Experience

"When employee engagement increases, there is a corresponding increase in employee retention by up to 87%"

- Human Capital Institute

Expand the functionality and effectiveness of the workforce by supplying new future of work practices. This will fuel an acceleration of productivity and innovation at practicing organizations. With the eTag Fuse® platform, they will have a single system to access applications and information, personalized for their needs. The democratized approach to delivery ensures awareness and sharing of resources across departments, business units, or external entities.


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