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Packaged Building Blocks

Organizations need to innovate and adapt to changing business needs. This can be achieved through the assembly and combination of packaged business capabilities. These packages are software components that represent a business capability that are functionality recognizable as such by a business user. eTag Fuse® allows you to govern and manage an inventory of capabilities from which a composed application may be created. An eTag Fuse® application is an assembly of the applications or packaged capabilities from the portfolio you create.

Building Block

By taking this approach, organizations can give the business more options and ways to work. Each package serves a specific business capability, and you choose which capabilities are available to your workforce personas. The security goes beyond simply authorizing access to applications. It extends into the application so not only do users get access to the resource, but controlled capabilities within the application. In this way, eTag Fuse® acts as a portal that morphs into a single, unified application comprised of your workforce persona needs to do their job.


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