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Many companies have an exorbitant number of web applications, reports, files and other digital assets that span across multiple business units. As development or adoption of new assets continues, so increases the count.

Having a clear understanding of your digital inventory can be very advantageous. It can equate to a BIG cost savings by reducing functionality overlap, repetitive coding, and unused licensing expenses. Knowing they are being delivered securely and effectively utilized, gives you piece of mind.

Features & Benefits

Centralized security

Web application lifecycle governance

Controlled resource accessibility

Streamline resource deployment

Reduce functionality and development duplicity

Visibility to key metrics

Process monitoring

Promote workforce engagement

Empower your workforce with the digital resources they need to get their job done.
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Be in control and gain a clear understanding of your digital inventory.
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Facilitate integration and interoperability between systems, devices, and IoT.
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Streamline your business processes and eliminate repetitive tasks.
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